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Hindi Articles, Mar 13, 2014

समस्याएं दरकिनार करता बजट

हिंदुस्तान टाइम्स

Hindi Articles, Feb 18, 2014

ऐसी शिक्षा भला किस काम की


Hindi Articles, Jan 21, 2014

पिछली बाधाओ से मुक्ति का समय


Hindi Articles, Dec 27, 2013

Not soulless statistics

Hindustan Times

English Articles, Aug 08, 2013

संघीय मोर्चे की ज़रूरत क्यों

हिंदुस्तान टाइम्स

Hindi Articles, Jul 17, 2013

Maximise the benefits

Hindustan Times

English Articles, Jun 11, 2013

राज्यों की प्रगति का आकर्षण


Hindi Articles, Jun 07, 2013

Panel starts work on new yardstick for backward states

Times of India, New Delhi

English Articles, May 29, 2013

समृद्ध और स्थिर एशिया की ओर


Hindi Articles, May 24, 2013

मंदी के माहौल में उम्मीद की किरण


Hindi Articles, Apr 27, 2013

RESPONSE TO ET COMMENT Why Special Status will be a Boon for Bihar

Economic Times

English Articles, Mar 29, 2013

विकास के अधिकार से बनेगी बात

Hindustan Delhi (Hindi)

Hindi Articles, Mar 21, 2013

A new rallying Point

English Articles, Mar 21, 2013

Infrastructure in the 12th Plan, Stanford Center for International Development

Stanford Center for International Development

Research Papers, Sep 23, 2012

ROADAHEAD Quality and inclusiveness

English Articles, May 07, 2012

Will Assembly Poll Results Derail Reforms?

English Articles, Mar 07, 2012

Eastern Quagmire

Research Papers, Dec 22, 2011

Of accounts and accountability

English Articles, Aug 29, 2011

Against the Foodgrain

English Articles, Jun 15, 2011

Pranab lauded for following bihar model

English Articles, Mar 11, 2011

Budget does not address 9 challanges

English Articles, Mar 11, 2011

Consider food coupons for poor

English Articles, Mar 05, 2011

Union budget: A holding operation

English Articles, Mar 03, 2011

Union Budget is a holding operation

English Articles, Mar 01, 2011

Great Expectation

English Articles, Dec 01, 2010

Who can dare to let Bihar down at this stage?

English Articles, Nov 25, 2010

Bihar politics has risen above caste

English Articles, Oct 27, 2010

Making Parliament work

English Articles, Sep 21, 2010

Too small to fail

English Articles, Jul 13, 2010

Government seem stalled, It is time to Act

English Articles, May 26, 2010

Will Pranab deliver a magical budget?

English Articles, Dec 25, 2009

On disinvestment, make haste slowly

English Articles, Dec 19, 2009

Copenhagen : time out

English Articles, Dec 10, 2009

The compulsions of copenhagen

English Articles, Nov 27, 2009

Needed : Special schemes for backward states

English Articles, Nov 19, 2009

Roots of Bihar's Backwardness


Research Papers, Oct 03, 2009

New Tax Code-A Paradigm Shift

English Articles, Aug 17, 2009

Time to Reorganise MEA

English Articles, Jul 31, 2009

Elders warn against high fiscal deficit

English Articles, Jul 15, 2009

Don't rush to implement GST says

English Articles, Jul 15, 2009

Budget after thoughts

English Articles, Jul 14, 2009

Budget no panacea for old

English Articles, Jul 07, 2009

Elders tutor govt on poverty and Pakistan

English Articles, Jun 09, 2009

Think beyond stimulus plans

English Articles, Mar 16, 2009

Let's Get Going

English Articles, Jan 24, 2009

Looking Beyond Stimulus II

English Articles, Jan 18, 2009

No time for prevarication

English Articles, Oct 13, 2008

Redifining parliamentary oversight

English Articles, Aug 22, 2008

A Reminder of the Promises to keep

English Articles, Aug 21, 2008

Macro picture isn't comfortable at all

English Articles, Aug 12, 2008

India's soft power

English Articles, Aug 10, 2008

Blame it on the Left?

English Articles, Jul 25, 2008

Let’s not micro-manage education

English Articles, Jul 06, 2008

Sustaining growth - Stanford prescriptions

English Articles, Jun 22, 2008

Budget should not be a surprise

English Articles, Jun 08, 2008

Spending well and wisely

English Articles, May 25, 2008

The long road to tax reform

English Articles, May 11, 2008

Global shortage is food for thought

English Articles, Apr 27, 2008

Managing inflationary expectations

English Articles, Apr 13, 2008

Of salary hikes and serious change

English Articles, Apr 06, 2008

Can administration change?

English Articles, Mar 23, 2008

Consistency a refuge of the unimaginative

English Articles, Mar 09, 2008

Budget 2008 - Straight from the heart

English Articles, Mar 02, 2008

We don’t talk to the farmers

English Articles, Feb 24, 2008

We, the migrants

English Articles, Feb 17, 2008

Who will manage global risk in 2008?

English Articles, Feb 10, 2008

At Davos, intimations of interdependence

English Articles, Feb 03, 2008

Budget must sidesteppthe soft options

English Articles, Jan 27, 2008

Nano lessons for change

English Articles, Jan 20, 2008

Bailing out an ocean

English Articles, Jan 20, 2008

Why Centre must talk to states

English Articles, Jan 06, 2008

In 2008, build on economic good news

English Articles, Dec 30, 2007

Revival of Nalanda and Asian renaissance

English Articles, Dec 23, 2007

Two commissions, one story

English Articles, Dec 16, 2007

A micro-energy plan for India

English Articles, Dec 02, 2007

Can India & China see the future warming

English Articles, Nov 25, 2007

विकास के साथ

Hindi Articles, Nov 23, 2007

The challenge after Diwali

English Articles, Nov 11, 2007

Restoring India's missing middle

English Articles, Nov 04, 2007

A CMP between Congress and BJP

English Articles, Oct 28, 2007

Mission in search of leader

English Articles, Oct 21, 2007

A wake-up call on millennium goals

English Articles, Oct 14, 2007

Let’s get down to business

English Articles, Oct 07, 2007

800 Million People

English Articles, Sep 30, 2007

Economy on autopilot? Not quite

English Articles, Sep 23, 2007

To Davos via Dalian

English Articles, Sep 16, 2007

India and Japan: Great expectations

English Articles, Aug 26, 2007

The problem of educating India

English Articles, Aug 19, 2007

Here's looking at the next 60 years

English Articles, Aug 12, 2007

A dollar a day to keep poverty at bay

English Articles, Aug 05, 2007

Reading the Patna Consensus

English Articles, Jul 29, 2007

Reviving the Open Society

English Articles, Jul 22, 2007

The problem with Parliament

English Articles, Jul 15, 2007

A Very Dull House indeed

English Articles, Jul 08, 2007

Filling the 'missing middle'

English Articles, Jul 01, 2007

Don’t play politics on power

English Articles, Jun 10, 2007

Just what the doctor ordered

English Articles, Jun 03, 2007

UPA report card: Work half-done, at best

English Articles, May 27, 2007

My right to clean drinking water

English Articles, May 20, 2007

Managing the water wars of the future

English Articles, May 13, 2007

And there's not a drop to drink

English Articles, May 06, 2007

Let's do a perception check

English Articles, Apr 29, 2007

Land acquisition is a tricky question

English Articles, Apr 22, 2007

Centre, states must strike new friendship

English Articles, Apr 15, 2007

Good for Bihar, good for India

English Articles, Apr 08, 2007

Why is the urban voter so angry?

English Articles, Apr 01, 2007

Asia on a rebound - A view from Tokyo

English Articles, Mar 25, 2007

Time to invest in a new relationship

English Articles, Mar 18, 2007

Electoral reverses & budgets: seeking alibis

English Articles, Mar 04, 2007

Tuning in to global risk

English Articles, Feb 18, 2007

Warning upto a paradigm change

English Articles, Feb 11, 2007

Get fleetfooted at Davos

English Articles, Feb 04, 2007

Economic reform begins with the voter

English Articles, Jan 28, 2007

Coming home to the village

English Articles, Jan 21, 2007

Ask right questions for right diagnosis

English Articles, Jan 14, 2007

How to soar in the year of the Boar

English Articles, Dec 31, 2006

The dynamics of managing migration

English Articles, Dec 24, 2006

Planning Commission needs to reinvent itself

English Articles, Dec 10, 2006

When sacred cows block the intersection

English Articles, Dec 03, 2006

On the continuing relevance of Research

English Articles, Nov 12, 2006

Telecom tales The choice before India

English Articles, Nov 05, 2006

Of demolition drives and creative destruction

English Articles, Oct 15, 2006

Economics of happiness, psychology of welfare

English Articles, Oct 08, 2006

We need to manage supply better

English Articles, Oct 01, 2006

What gets measured gets done

English Articles, Sep 17, 2006

Address the state of the union

English Articles, Sep 10, 2006

Waking up to India Down Under

English Articles, Sep 03, 2006

From Council to Plan, finding a middle path

English Articles, Aug 27, 2006

XIth Plan Going beyond platitudes

English Articles, Aug 13, 2006

XIth Plan, or XIth version of same Plan?

English Articles, Aug 06, 2006

Moving from holding to acting mode

English Articles, Jul 30, 2006

Soccer We need to set the ball rolling

English Articles, Jul 23, 2006

The young pledge to innovate

English Articles, Jun 18, 2006

The future productivity and sustainability

English Articles, Jun 11, 2006

Stanford re-examines federal complexities

English Articles, Jun 04, 2006

When report cards are ready reckoners

English Articles, May 28, 2006

Energy prices vs global warming

English Articles, May 21, 2006

Australia seeks greater Asian engagement

English Articles, May 14, 2006

The Asian way of development

English Articles, May 07, 2006

Reforming the IMF-too late and too little

English Articles, Apr 30, 2006

The new 'Consensus Mantra'

English Articles, Apr 23, 2006

Public-Private Partnership no panacea

English Articles, Apr 16, 2006

Getting projects on track

English Articles, Apr 09, 2006

Engaging the states-the Stanford way

English Articles, Apr 02, 2006

We must fear the lack of fear

English Articles, Mar 26, 2006

Revisiting the Centre-state divide

English Articles, Mar 18, 2006

When truth is worthy of reiteration

English Articles, Mar 12, 2006

Budget 2006 - More hope than hype

English Articles, Feb 26, 2006

The elusive goal of energy security

English Articles, Feb 18, 2006

2006 A year of consolidation

English Articles, Feb 12, 2006

Some prime ministerial initiatives

English Articles, Feb 05, 2006

The potential of Rajasthan

English Articles, Jan 22, 2006

Energy is an eternal delight

English Articles, Jan 15, 2006

Priority action for 2006

English Articles, Jan 08, 2006

A new year beyond resolutions

English Articles, Jan 01, 2006

Kerala not yet God's own country

English Articles, Dec 18, 2005

Urban Reforms-Can we stay the course

English Articles, Dec 11, 2005

The quest for 'Pahale India'

English Articles, Dec 04, 2005

A moving mantra

English Articles, Nov 27, 2005

Tenets of economic diplomacy

English Articles, Nov 20, 2005

The battle for knowledge economy

English Articles, Nov 13, 2005

Resolving Bihar Poverty and Potential

English Articles, Nov 06, 2005

Bihar Poverty and potential

English Articles, Oct 30, 2005

Justice & society Philosophy & practice

English Articles, Oct 23, 2005

Need for international response

English Articles, Oct 16, 2005

Multiple challenges of global migration

English Articles, Oct 09, 2005

Going beyond good intentions

English Articles, Oct 02, 2005

Banking reforms Need to walk the talk

English Articles, Sep 25, 2005

Time to repeal small cess Acts

English Articles, Sep 18, 2005

Put Finance Ministry on reforms path

English Articles, Sep 11, 2005

Bridging the gap between outlays and outcomes

English Articles, Sep 04, 2005

World Bank needs India as much as we need it

English Articles, Aug 28, 2005

Centre and the states - A New Compact

English Articles, Aug 14, 2005

Media and society Reconciling contradictions

English Articles, Jul 31, 2005

More than meets the eye

English Articles, Jul 24, 2005

Why FCRA needs a quick burial

English Articles, Jul 17, 2005

Can India benefit from Iberian Miracle

English Articles, Jul 10, 2005

Europe's turmoil, India's chance

English Articles, Jul 03, 2005

The vision of the young

English Articles, Jun 26, 2005

Time to step on the gas

English Articles, Jun 19, 2005

Putting India in the fast lane

English Articles, Jun 12, 2005

Beyond balance Tipping back towards growth

English Articles, Jun 05, 2005

How to win the megacity challenge

English Articles, May 29, 2005

Mexico City Mega Ciudad, Mega Challenges

English Articles, May 24, 2005

Why we need a core economic agenda

English Articles, May 15, 2005

Looking at reforms in Turkey

English Articles, May 08, 2005

Can Planning Commission plan for itself?

English Articles, May 01, 2005

Stumbling blocks or building blocks

English Articles, Apr 24, 2005

How to do business the Singapore way

English Articles, Apr 18, 2005

The Singapore lesson

English Articles, Apr 10, 2005

How to save the tiger

English Articles, Apr 03, 2005

The devil is in the detail

English Articles, Mar 20, 2005

Why Africa is racing against time

English Articles, Mar 06, 2005

Can Chidambaram be Santa Claus tomorrow?

English Articles, Feb 27, 2005

Whistling in the wind

English Articles, Feb 20, 2005

Getting cross with cross-subsidies

English Articles, Feb 16, 2005

Laloo should get into driver’s seat

English Articles, Feb 13, 2005

From the alpine heights of Davos

English Articles, Jan 30, 2005

Thought for food

English Articles, Jan 23, 2005

Globalising disaster management

English Articles, Jan 16, 2005

How to make the New Year Happier

English Articles, Jan 02, 2005

Pension :Thinking into the future

English Articles, Dec 29, 2004

Still not enough roads, bridges or money

English Articles, Dec 19, 2004

The energy paradigm: Back to the future

English Articles, Dec 12, 2004

Time to blow the whistle

English Articles, Dec 05, 2004

Taking French connection beyond wine & cheese

English Articles, Nov 28, 2004

Foreign reserves are no magic wand

English Articles, Nov 21, 2004

Making Bollywood dreams a reality

English Articles, Nov 14, 2004

Fear of flying

English Articles, Nov 07, 2004

Oil’s well that doesn’t end well

English Articles, Oct 31, 2004

Reform by stealth a no-no

English Articles, Oct 24, 2004

Petroleum needs hard decisions

English Articles, Oct 10, 2004

Coffee, tea or international aid?

English Articles, Oct 03, 2004

Tourism the growth multiplier

English Articles, Sep 12, 2004

Let grey matter rock and roll

English Articles, Sep 05, 2004

Perceptions from the Topnotch

English Articles, Aug 28, 2004

A prime ministerial embrace for August 15

English Articles, Aug 08, 2004

Brain gain vs brain drain

English Articles, Apr 26, 2004

The undiscovered country of the immigrant

English Articles, Apr 24, 2004

Other’ superpowers rising

English Articles, Feb 20, 2004

India-China, the great Asian JV

English Articles, Jan 24, 2004

Watch out, India is only revving up

English Articles, Jan 23, 2004

Reforming India into a powerhouse

English Articles, Nov 15, 2003

Four-fold path to nirvana

English Articles, Nov 14, 2003