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This is the second volume of essays/columns by NK Singh, or NK as he is generally known. These essays span the period of summer 2007 to summer 2009. The first thing that strikes the reader about these columns is the extraordinary variety of topics, ranging from the management of global economic risks to issues of Parliamentary oversight to a blueprint for the revival of Nalanda University. To anyone who knows NK, such variety and range would come as no surprise. Indeed, I was mildly disappointed not to find an essay on the challenges of nurturing roses or one on the finer points of photography, both of which figure among NK's manifold interests.

Shankar Acharya, New Delhi

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There was a time when if a group of Indian talking heads got together you could be sure that they would be complaining about the proverbial Hindu rate of growth, the agonies of the permit-licence ''raj'' and the stifling red tape.

Hasan Suroor, The Hindu

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Bureaucrats, Sir Humphrey Appleby said in Yes Minister, are empty vessels into which ministers pour their wisdom. That memorable statement was, of course, said mockingly. But taking a cue from that, it can be said that there are two types of bureaucrats: those who think for themselves and those who don't. N.K. Singh most emphatically falls into the former category.

RUDRANGSHU MUKHERJEE The Telegraph, January 29, 20

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